Wednesday, 23 August, 2017
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 Proffman Recepcja

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Looking back to a market experience since 1993, the Proffman Broker House cares for more than 3000 satisfied customers in Central and Northern Europe. Our group has become an appreciated service provider for Insurance Brokery, Finance Brokery, Business Development and Human Resources Services to both corporate and individual customers. In 2006, the enterprises have been restructured under the brand of "Proffman" to react more efficient to the market development and customers` demands.


The business objective of Proffman Poland is to support our customers in three of their most critical areas of their business: Financing, Risk Management and Human Resources. Our international team serves our customers every day operating in 5 working languages. Proffman focuses on projects and operations as a broker and consultant for insurances and financing and as a recruiting and education center for specialists and management staff. In Europe, we are cooperating with independent and strong partners on their respective home market.