Wednesday, 23 August, 2017
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What is an insurance broker?

stockxpertcom_id17205181_jpg_301b7ff8418dd866ebc603c31c3ce9ef.jpgAn insurance broker is a kind of „Lawyer for Insurances“. If a customer signs a contractual agreement with an insurance company, the broker acts as plenipotentiary of the customer – not of the insurance company. The insurance broker acts as consultant with regard to insurance issues. Therefore we regard potential partners in a specific way. In the first instance we consider the risk of the customer.

A broad spectrum of responsibility requires from the insurance broker a different, new approach, which is characterized by high professionalism and quality in opposite to a quantitative approach.

Our customer gains the long and comprehensive experience of constantly updated insurance specialists for his interest. Our offer includes the complete portfolio of insurance products. Numerous reference letters by our satisfied customers confirm the quality of our offered services.